Transforming Trips Team

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Patrick Phanthanusorn

Chief Empathy Officer

Patrick is a big dreamer who learned to enjoy the little things in life. His imagination and creativity allow him to take normal activities and turn them into exciting adventures. He is happily married to his wife Taryn and is a proud father of two wonderful kids. When he is not working with students, you can find him slacklining, rock climbing, or attempting parkour.

Patrick has been influencing children for almost twenty years using his degree in Social Ecology from UC Irvine and his M.S.Ed. and PPS Credential in School Counseling from Concordia University, Irvine. His focus has always been to raise community-minded adults with good character. He has an uncanny ability to connect with people and mobilize them to do good.


Jorge Herrera

Director of Operations Guatemala

Jorge is an unstoppable force for serving others.  When he sees a need it’s better to get out of his way and let him help then to convince him otherwise.  Everywhere he goes, his heart and smile are so infectious that even the most troubled people are encouraged. He also gives the best hugs.

Jorge and his wife, Iliana, have roots in Guatemala but have been living in the states for the past several years. For now they will lead projects stateside but have an end goal of moving their family to Guatemala. They both have a background in the medical field and sciences and will use their wisdom to bring the best care and program to help transform the lives of children living on the streets.


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$50k Challenge

We have been blessed with a generous donor who will match all donations this year up to fifty thousand dollars! We have set big goals and having this amount is going to make them a reality. When you give to our mission your gift will be doubled in 2024!