Tijuana/Ensenada, Mexico - 2019

Transforming Trips led a special group of adults engaging in a local leadership academy in South Orange County to Mexico. The team consisted of working professionals looking to make a bigger impact within their own community. We traveled to Tijuana to assist in a double house building project and went through four specialized leadership training sessions that equipped them to continue to do good when they returned home. 72 hours, 90 tacos eaten, 2 houses built, 1 community blessed!

Dhaka, Bangladesh - 2019

Transforming Trips arrived in the humid climate of Bangladesh on the first week of Ramadan.  The team went over to run an annual camp for 200 children who are spread out across the country. This is the one time a year they all come together for a fun week of songs, games, and crafts. The team played the role of camp counselors and assisted wherever they were needed. Some led programs, others danced, and a few escaped to the air-conditioned room whenever it was possible! The camp ended with some tears as the kids loaded the buses to go home, but the memory of the week will always be a joyful one!

Mexico - 2020

Our only trip in 2020 but it was so good!  11 people came with us to build a home for a single mom and her two kids.  We complained, we got tired, and we left for home feeling prouder than we have in a long time.  Each day seemed to have its own challenges, but the local team carried us through to victory.  We are definitely counting all our blessings and hope that the family enjoys their new home!


$50k Challenge

We have been blessed with a generous donor who will match all donations this year up to fifty thousand dollars! We have set big goals and having this amount is going to make them a reality. When you give to our mission your gift will be doubled in 2024!